Monday, January 3, 2011

Daily Science Fiction - December

A brief review of three short stories from Daily Science Fiction. I highly recommend the site. You can read the stories online or have them delivered to your email.

Nothing but the Truth by Stephen V Ramey is a short tale about a mother who thinks she is doing the best for her boy because of her own twisted ideals. Enjoyable and very effective.

In The God Solution by M.E. Castle, Deliah destroys Gods. Her five-year-old brother is a god. A heartbreaking tale that I almost want to advise against not reading because it's so sad. Beautiful writing. My favourite story of the three.

A Christmas Frost by Robert E Keller is a charming story about Wretch Pines and dark gnomes and continuing family traditions.

And if they don't tempt you. There are plenty more to choose from over at the Daily Science Fiction website.

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